Subutex Abuse Signs

Subutex Abuse Signs

Many governments have realized the drug Subutex is ending up in the wrong hands. While some have taken steps to curb the menace others are still in the dark about how to deal with this situation. In the USA it is a schedule III drug and physicians must undertake special training to treat people with it. In Singapore the government discovered the abuse of Subutex and has since taken steps to curb the menace. In the Czech Republic the authorities are grappling with the rampant use of Subutex illegally. In the backstreets of the Prague it takes up the lion’s share of the drugs market.

Even where the authorities have put in ways to check the distribution of Subutex, government officials entrusted with the distribution of Subutex may abuse the system for their own gain. Such was the case in Singapore where it was discovered that there were no illegal sources of Subutex but the source was the government system itself.

Subutex Abuse Signs

So as to give good results it should be used strictly according to the doctor’s guidelines. Some patients may ignore the instructions leading to undesired results. Subutex is mainly intended to be used at the initial stages of the treatment after which it is replaced with appropriate drugs. Using it beyond this point contributes to Subutex drug abuse. The use of an increased Subutex dose above what the doctor has instructed results in abuse. For good results it should be used strictly according to the doctor’s directions.

Subutex is supposed to be used by gradually reducing the dosage and frequency of being administered. Some people use Subutex together with other narcotic substances to enhance its ‘high’. As this feeling will not last such people get used to this habit which is disastrous in the end. Most of the medication prescribed today is taken either by swallowing, chewing or injecting into the body. None of the above ways of taking medication applies to Subutex.

It is placed under the tongue where it takes 5- 10 minutes for it to fully melt and begin to take effect. It cannot dissolve as intended by the manufacturer if taken in any other way. Drug pushers who mix this drug with other substances and then inject the mixture in their bodies are at the risk of getting medical complications such as gangrene in the arms and legs, Hepatitis B and C not to mention HIV. The use of unclean needles can cause liver failure beside other infections. Medical journals have reported cases of blood clotting in the vessels as well as presence of bacteria that attack the heart.

The poor disposal of the used hypodermic needles is a concern of public health. Where little children can get their hands on such items in the cause of their games they could have devastating results on their health. Deaths have been reported of people who used Subutex together with other substances. Other people have their lives and those of others destroyed or complicated by its misuse.

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